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Pumice Residual-Odor Material Non-Detonable Canine Motivation Aids
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A process to create disposable scent training aids by trapping explosive vapor molecules in pumice.

Working dogs trained for scent detection can identify trace levels of explosives and target substances but require consistent practice to maintain their on-command detection abilities. Trainers often use real explosives and substances, which involve bulky stationary equipment, limited location options, and exposure risks. When handling training materials, there is also a potential for cross-contamination or ineffective odor release. Disposing of the materials can also be challenging if they are not environmentally benign, non-detonable, or safe for regular disposal.

To eliminate these challenges, researchers at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) invented the Pumice Residual-Odor Material (PROM) Non-Detonable Canine Motivation Aid. PROM is made by heating the explosive sample within a vacuum and trapping the vapor produced in a pumice stone. The resulting pumice contains trace substances to mimic a real-world scenario but is safe to handle and non-detonable. Once the training aid expires, it can be safely disposed of in regular waste receptacles.

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Transportation Security & Explosives Characterization

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Inho Cho

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US11,498,882; US11,802,091 

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