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Basic Steps to Protect your Property

Taking some basic steps to protect your property can make a big difference in creating a safer environment and reducing your risk. Below are some improvements you can make, with a small budget.

  1. Alert Patrons of Possible Risks.- Warn patrons of changing floor level by painting sidewalk edges and curbs in yellow. This will not only help you prevent accidents but reduce your property’s liability. Insurance companies will usually recommend it. Check with your insurance company.
  2. Create a sense of safety and control, by making entrances, hallways and driveways well lit. This communicates someone is looking after your property.
  3. Try to have a professional security company install some type of access control system at main gates, Lobby entrances, back doors, etc, using proximity card keys or biometrics that can be traced and disabled when needed, however, keypads are less secure as passcodes can be shared with multiple people. This item will have a big impact on how to protect your property.
  4. Security cameras play a big role in security and deterrence, but what is frequently overlooked, is the liability protection they provide, especially in slip, trip and fall claims. You would be surprised to find that about 25% of reported claims, did not happen as someone may have claimed, or sometimes, at all. This are basic steps to protect your property.
  5.  Posting signs indicating that this is private property, no trespassing, etc, at entrance points and perimeter, makes intruders think again and further reduces your liability.
  6. If you have security personnel, see how you can enhance their effectiveness with additional training and resources. Talk to the company representative.
There is a number of things you can do to enhance the security of your property. I would encourage you to check with your insurance company and a security professional for further details. 
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