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Modular System and Apparatus for Treating Wounds
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Pneumatically controlled advanced tourniquet system for mass casualty triage.

Tourniquets are an essential component of emergency care and are critical in preventing hemorrhage-related death. If applied too tightly or for extended periods, tourniquets can cause nerve or muscle damage, and loose tourniquets do not properly stop bleeding. Different wound and body sizes further complicate the proper application of a tourniquet. In a public mass trauma event, a bystander’s ability to remain calm under duress and apply available first aid is essential to saving lives, furthering the need for smarter tourniquet systems.

The Modular System and Apparatus for Treating Wounds features a pressure-controlled tourniquet that mitigates traditional challenges and simplifies application. The tourniquet applies controlled pressure to wounds while monitoring continued pressure and patient vitals. A single person can carry a compact and lightweight system which requires minimal training. The system’s “quick- connect” feature allows a care provider to use multiple pressure tourniquets at once for quick and controlled bleeding control of numerous patients.

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Emergency Prevention & Response

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Howard Rittenhouse
Michael Bishop
Michael Zeller
Perry Jenkins
Jonathan Yake
Ronald Adrezin
Michael Plumley
Paola Jaramillo Cienfuegos
Michael Daeffler

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