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Draft DHS Environmental Justice Strategic Plan
Fri, 07/05/2024 – 09:31


Executive Order 14096, “Revitalizing Our Nation’s Commitment to Environmental Justice for All,” signed on April 21, 2023, calls on federal agencies to develop or revise their Environmental Justice Strategic Plans.  Since December 2023, DHS has issued a Request for Information in the Federal Register, held three national, virtual listening sessions one focused on the perspective of Tribal and indigenous peoples, and presented at two different national conferences to solicit feedback on the current Departmental Environmental Justice Strategy and discuss new goals and input for its revision.  Addressing and advancing environmental justice and ensuring meaningful engagement are the responsibility of all DHS Components.  Our commitment includes ensuring that under resourced and overburdened communities’ voices, perspectives, and lived experiences are heard and reflected in the Department’s decision making with respect to its programs and activities that impact human health and the environment.  As DHS works to finalize its revied Environmental Justice Strategic Plan, we invite public feedback through July 22, 2024, to


Environmental Justice

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